New term, new courses

Today’s morning flight took me from frosty Sofia to the much warmer Oxford. My penultimate term as an undergraduate begins on Monday.

I was writing a personal statement recently when I realised something quite interesting. In my three and a half years as a Maths&Stats student so far I have taken every single course on offer by the Department of Statistics, the one exception being Actuarial Science. Most I chose because they sounded genuinely interesting, some I picked just because of the lecturer and/or tutor, and a couple seemed pretty useful, if not awe-inspiring. I didn’t even notice them add up.

Still, it’s a pretty impressive streak and it’ll be a shame to break it right at the finish line. However, simulation isn’t really my thing and while machine learning is certainly tempting, I’ve already gone over the required number of courses and I do have a dissertation to write. This term I’ll be spending more time at the Maths Institute instead – I’m taking probabilistic combinatorics and networks, Perhaps rather surprisingly even the former seems to have a fair bit to do with random graphs, so I won’t be too far away from my comfort zone.

It promises to be an exciting term, as always. It’s good to be back.